A baby boomer, I am a child of the folk music from the 60’s and 70’s. Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel,
Judy Collins, Joan Baez and countless others had quite an impact on me and my music as a tween, later a teen. I
got my first guitar in 9th grade when my sister’s then boyfriend cleaned out his closet and didn’t want the guitar any-
more. At about the same time my grandmother brought around my grandfather’s mandolin and I was immediately in-
trigued by the instrument. During my high school years I was introduced to bluegrass and during my college days I
played in a few folk and bluegrass bands. Folk masses were a common phenomenon in those days, so I began play-
ing at church services. My brother traded in his guitar and got me my first 12-string guitar--an Epiphone--which I sold
a few years later and got my first Martin 6-string. My first hammer dulcimer I got in 1984 which is a 3-octave Jerry
Reed Smith. After 31 years of teaching high school mathematics I rewarded myself with a 5-octave Jerry Reed Smith
hammered dulcimer. Joy of joys!

Well, that is how it all began and now I find myself drawn to the beautiful Celtic fiddle and dance tunes as they are so
much fun to play on the hd. So many of the hymns I play come from a rich heritage of Celtic music and they are nice
for playing at weddings and other church services.

This cd, In Due Season, is my first “solo” album. I say “solo” since so many people helped put it together. Thank you,
hubby Mike, for your guitar help on a few of the pieces and thank you, friend Jim Crozier, for your lovely bass playing!
I have been a guest artist on many of Mary Z. Cox’s albums, playing guitar or mandolin, for a variety of old-timey tunes.
Check out her website!

The studio was filled with Christmas music this past Summer as Ellen recorded her latest CD: The Hammered Dulcimer In Christmas Season. The CD is currently available at CD Baby and will soon be available via a variety of outlets in time for Christmas.